Hi, my name is Chris.

I'm a software engineer with a passion for crafting solid and scalable digital products.

Detail-oriented and highly skilled at full-stack development.

Proven track record of building successful products.

I bring visions into life.

PayMongo's Dashboard.

I am working on some parts of PayMongo's Dashboard, the app that provides tools to manage online payments via PayMongo with ease.

I am also working on the internal systems that are responsible for processing payouts and other compliance-related initiatives.

Simple Habit.

I worked on Simple Habit, a minimalist habit-tracker made for self-development and productivity.

I built the MVP for a freelance client, developing its core features such as the calendar widget, sign-in, and reflections. I also established its infrastructure.


I am working on PseudoRESTAPI, a no-code platform for setting up mock servers that can be tested with real API requests.

This project also serves as my playground to explore technologies such as Nuxt3 and Supabase.

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I focus on delivering value.

Pragmatic Approach.

While I have more professional experience with Ruby on Rails and React.js, I consider myself framework-agnostic. I don't adopt technologies solely for their own sake; rather, I select and adapt technologies that best fit the project's requirements, whether it involves serverless, BaaS, server-side development, etc.

Scalability and Longevity.

It's tempting to integrate third-party services whenever a project needs to scale quickly or increase infrastructure capacity by spending more money. However, these approaches aren't always sustainable in the long run. Part of my work involves ensuring projects operate within budget constraints while focusing on optimizations to reduce expenses.

Code Maintainability.

I am passionate about writing "clean" code, which means code that is testable and easy to follow. I avoid fixating on specific programming principles or patterns and incorporate them only when they enhance the codebase. My focus is on reducing coupling in the code while avoiding excessive indirection or abstraction.